Spectrum Info Ltd. is a private company focused on laboratory scale synthesis of fine organic chemicals and combinatorial building blocks. We provide rare and commercially unavailable compounds for research chemists worldwide. Our office and laboratory facilities are located in the Institute of Organic Chemistry, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kiev.

Fine chemicals

Spectrum Info catalog of fine chemicals contains several hundred building blocks for organic synthesis. The catalog can be searched online by chemical name, CAS number, etc. Please download the product list in electronic form or request the CD version. The products are supplied at milligram to kilogram level. Contact us by fax or e-mail on prices and terms of delivery. To the catalogue >>>


About 500 synthetic dyes of various classes covering the absorbance range 350-1100 nm are presented in the product list. Specialty dyes catalog includes laser dyes, fluorescent probes, dyes for WORM disks production and electrophotography, silver halide sensitizers for visible and near IR region, and indicators. To the catalogue >>>

Custom synthesis

Spectrum Info offers expertise in custom synthesis and contract research covering all aspects of lab-scale organic and medicinal chemistry. The services offered include:

Confidentiality of proprietary information is strictly observed.

Our team of 12 highly experienced chemists is able to perform the synthesis of complex organic molecules. The manufacturing area is about 300 m2. Modern analytical equipment and academic environment contribute to our success in working on synthetic projects.